Until now, we have been associating Ibiza hotels with the minimalist chill out or the hippie style, but for the last year there has been a new hotel concept that is beginning to change the Ibizan landscape.

Concept Hotel Group wanted to make a difference by swimming against the current, betting on a new formula in which they mix Design, Concept and Hotel. All in capitals. As Diego Calvo, CEO and founding partner of the chain, says: “For us it is as important to provide the establishments with a good service as with a powerful design, concept and constant content that make our clients leaving with a story that tell. Hence our group claim “a story to tell”.

Although they have been betting for this concept for years with the Tropicana Ibiza Suites or the Santos Ibiza Suites, but those which have marked a trend have undoubtedly been the last two incorporations: Cubanito and Paradiso.

The first transports you directly to Cuba. Its Art Deco architecture, its cheerful, fresh and colorful concept, and each of the details and spaces pay tribute to this beautiful country. Some rooms pay tribute to mythical gambling dens such as La Bodeguita or El Floridita, others to the keys and beaches, and the rooftop to the Malecón. All this accompanied by Cuban music from the 60s like mambo or cha cha chá. Their parties are pure spectacle!

And then we have Paradiso, a purely artistic bet. Here the artist Iñaqui Domingo and the director Diana Kunst have been commissioned to design the Art Rooms, that is to say, each of the rooms has a different work of art, as if it were an art gallery. But that is not all! The second attraction of this hotel is its ovation to the pink color, since its two swimming pools and the whole outside area form the pink oasis in charge of entertaining the Ibiza evenings.