Three years ago, the holiday giant Thomas Cook opened a new Cook House on the beautiful Greek island of Rhodes. This boutique hotel created by the Greek architect Vana Pernari and the designer Annabel Kutucu, has become one of the pioneers of the new concept of affordable luxury accommodation. And in its first months of existence, this design oasis dedicated to relaxation and bohemian life has already been visited by thousands of travelers with an overwhelming success.

This new concept of boutique hotel does not have any stay common to other hotels. Here the reception becomes a concept store in which you’ll find all the elements to enjoy your stay -clothes, accessories, decoration elements, etc.-. The restaurant is an open space with non-stop kitchen and has common tables in which to share local cuisine. And the rooms trap you with their mix of simple and rustic architecture. All this surrounded by an idyllic atmosphere highly “instagrammable” and from € 261 per double room.

Who will resist?